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Home Renovations Checklist

Undertaking a complete renovation of the home implies well prepare in advance the list of works but also the order of work. You can hardly imagine the renovation of paintings before the removal of partitions for example. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to set up a schedule. The deadlines will be as important… Read more »

The 7 Guidelines for hiring a new employee Competence

This quality should come on top of your recruitment list of guidelines. Does the potential employee possess the relevant skill, education, experience to complete the tasks at hand? While considering competence, credentials are everything. This means the person with more papers and experience is more qualified for the job than someone else with less. Compatibility… Read more »

4 Steps to get started doing business

Step 1: Conducting personal evaluation and industry analysis First, you should begin by asking yourself some questions. What skills do you already have? What do you really like doing? What is the reason behind your business idea? How much capital do you have for investment? Will you provide a service or product? These questions should… Read more »

Yokohama Port 150th Anniversary

開港150周年に向けサミットの横浜誘致を目指して(6/7更新) 横浜港 147回目の開港記念日を迎える! 横浜市が開港150周年基本計画を発表 (6/1更新) 5月29日(月)スタート!開港記念日キャンペーン~6・2(ロクニー)フェスティバル!(5/17更新) イベント イベント一覧 横浜開港147周年みなと祭 第56回港内見学会 ヨコハマズ ベスト コレクション プロモーション全般におけるロゴマーク使用 関東学院大学ふれあい祭り2006 株式会社マイカル チラシ及びポスターへのロゴマーク掲載