Home Renovations Checklist

Undertaking a complete renovation of the home implies well prepare in advance the list of works but also the order of work. You can hardly imagine the renovation of paintings before the removal of partitions for example. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to set up a schedule. The deadlines will be as important as the logical order. To begin, take time on the preparations (house plans with a renovation, budget of the building site) to have an optimal base of departure.

The order of renovation work

Obviously, in your planning, you will only have to enter the elements that you want to modify. The list presented here is an overall plan for a typical renovation of your home:

Demolition: removal of partitions, chimneys or bulky areas, demolition is the number one phase of the process.
Rehabilitation or replacement of structural work: After the destruction, renovation.
Realize locations in the house: bled, ducts, evacuations, create all access for future developments
Embed electrical and plumbing equipment in previously created locations
Facade: if the house requires it, perform a cleanup
Insulation: Put in place the thermal and sound insulation throughout the house
Ceiling: coat walls and ceilings with plaster, mortar or cement
Screed: Apply a layer of mortar on the floor to level the floor and accommodate the flooring (tiles, parquet …)
Laying of floor coverings and wall coverings (wallpaper, paneling, tiles …)
Installation of joinery (depending on your choice of floor and walls)
Laying paints in different rooms of the house

In conclusion

The order of your renovation work will depend on the elements to be reviewed. Always start with the big works to go more and more towards the interior and finishes of the house.