How do I get online presence?

Sign up with social networks

One thing that makes social networks a priority when trying to establish an online presence is actually their social aspect. Through social networks, you can interact with many people on many issues and also get a glimpse of trending topics real time. Begin signing up with the basic and most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram before joining the more dedicated ones like Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Create a blog

A blog is an excellent platform to communicate your ideas and your views on issues concerning a particular niche. Popular blogs attract hordes of followers. The more you promote your blog and upload great content, the more popular it becomes hence the more robust your online presence gets.

Join forums

Don’t just join forums but be active in them as well. Forums resemble the old school chat rooms but have some sense of direction usually involving a particular specialization or occupation such as web development. Join a forum that reflects your interests and contributions to the discussions.

Create a website and add SEO

Another great way of increasing your online presence especially if you have a brand to promote is establishing a website. But a website doesn’t achieve greatness on its own. You need to try out tricks such as SEO to increase its visibility. The more visible it is, the more popular it can get. When your website is being sought after by many people, it means you have an extensive online presence.

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