The 7 Guidelines for hiring a new employee Competence

This quality should come on top of your recruitment list of guidelines. Does the potential employee possess the relevant skill, education, experience to complete the tasks at hand? While considering competence, credentials are everything. This means the person with more papers and experience is more qualified for the job than someone else with less.


Competence alone doesn’t make the potential employee great for the job. For instance, some factors such as teamwork should be put into consideration. This is where compatibility becomes essential. Can the potential get along easily with existing and potential employees and clients? The person should be harmonious and flexible; otherwise, s/he might bring problems.

With the overemphasis on compatibility, however, you can scare away some great potential employees. After all, people are different. S/he should have some required level of compatibility.


Ensure that the candidate is really dedicated and is serious about working for your organization for a long time. Is the candidate really committed to working for you are s/he is just passing through? Is s/he just looking for something better? You should evaluate the candidates’ working history and duration spent each job.

But serial employees aren’t entirely bad. Some jobs that hire on contracts may play a role.


Can the candidate offer more than what is needed? Can s/he deliver on tasks that require extra effort and creativity? The more capable a candidate is the more responsible and more potential s/he is for growth.

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